Birds naturally have an ability to modify their song to suit their needs. Sadly we as humans are even having an impact on this area of bird's lives.

Cities are very noisy places and I am sure you have experienced in these environments, how much harder it is to be heard over the noise. You have probably found that as you start to try and talk louder to overcome the noise, the best way to help the sound of your voice get through is to raise the pitch of your voice. Higher pitched sounds are more piercing and better able to get through the ambient noise.

So how do birds use this fact? Several studies have been done on the frequency or pitch of bird song between birds in their natural habitats and the same calls in the city. The results are quite fascinating. Birds are learning to adapt and once they are in the cities, some of them raise the pitch of their calls to better be heard.

You can even see it in natural adaptations. In quieter environments there is a much wider range of frequencies. Deep calls, beautiful musical ones of all sorts of pitches. Look at seabirds, particularly Gulls, Terns and other species tha occupy naturally noisy environments such as the wave area of beaches. They ALL have higher pitched, harsh and piercing calls.

Birds are far more adaptable than we give them credit for.